3 Tier Stackable Garden

Indoor / Outdoor Vertical Planter Set – Self Watering Tiers From Top Down – Grow Fresh Herbs In The Kitchen or Patio – Smart Planting Pots – Used for Strawberries Herbs Peppers Flowers and Succulents .

iPot Digital Smart Plant Pots

The iPot will provides helpful suggestions for the plants growing and offers you great pleasures. For example:It can sense you automatically as you approach,and tells the growing situation,including humidity and temperature.You can also get more details on the LCD screen.The iPot can record whatever you say and repeat accordingly. Notice:After you have purchased our products,please register to be our memberships on the internet. We will provide as much as professional planting knowledge as possible for you.

Planty: The Smart Way to Connect with Nature

No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.

The Parrot Pot is part of Parrot’s second generation of plant sensors. Equipped with a 2,2L reservoir, the Pot provides up to 1 month of smart, autonomous irrigation, keeping your plants happy and healthy until you return.Using state-of-the-art sensors, the Parrot Pot’s smart irrigation system waters your plant precisely when it needs it, using exactly the right amount of water every time. As your plant grows the Parrot Pot will adapt to its natural life-cycle and determine the most efficient irrigation schedule to encourage your plant’s growth while also maximizing water conservation. With a database of over 8,000 different plants, the Parrot Pot provides users targeted, plant-specific, and situation-specific advice about how to best care for their plants.

Growing Light Modern Creative LED Growing Light

Home Decor Smart Garden

Table Pot Planters Table Aquarium

In an artifical sun bathing,fish happy swimming ,plants health growing. Water, fertilizer and fish excrement provide nutrients to the plant, Plant roots purify water, water pump provides enough oxygen for fish. This light not only as plants growing light also a reading light. This is a self-created landscape, in which you have become part of the landscape.